Looking for an escape from the gloomy weather and news and, instead, would prefer to go on an adventure to the far away warm, sunny shores of the Mexican Pacific Coast? Then Christ of the Cyclone is your inexpensive ticket.  

Christ of the Cyclone by Lowell Boileau Covers


Mexico is a country of gods, ancient and transplanted, embedded in a deep and rich past.  The protagonists, a young couple escaping Canada’s wintery grip, have settled for the winter in a small fishing village, basking in the sun, becoming immersed in its customs, and expecting a baby. 

The antagonists are a pair of wealth-spoiled American university students and an avaricious Mexican developer. They are determined to defy the town’s traditions, modernize the sleepy village, and undermine its belief structures for their personal aims.

The stage is set for a cross-cultural clash when the town’s revered crucifix, known as the Christ of the Cyclone, is defiled and an explosion of consequences is triggered in the final chapters.

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