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  • Couples Resorts - AtDetroit manages several virtual operations for the Jamaican Luxury Resort Chain Couples Resorts featuring AtDetroit-created backend SQL database travel agent incentive programs and an online groups management system.
  • Dave Marsh - Website of renowned Rock and Roll critic, Sirius Radio host and Bruce Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh.
  • Issa Trust Foundation - AtDetroit is pleased to donate it services for the creation, maintenance and hosting of this charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the disadvantaged in Jamaica.
  • David Clements Productions - Metro Detroit Film Director, Photographer and Author  

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  • DetroitYES! Project
    Detroit's longest-running online community for news and discussion of all things regarding the Detroit-Windsor family of communities. Since 1999 its forum members have contributed over 2 million written posts.

    Created in 1997 focuses on the story and crisis of Detroit through the website’s renowned forums where 2 million posts have been written by over 20,000 members since its 1999 inception. It is highly regarded for building a large and active virtual community of concern about the problems and future of the city and metropolis.

    Accolades Include:
    - Best of Detroit Website - Hour Magazine
    - Favorite Michigan Website- Detroit Free Press
    - Twice Reader's Choice Best Website about Detroit- Detroit Metro Times
    - Yahoo Pick of the Year
    - Profiled and featured in the New York Times, The Guardian and WIRED Magazine.
  • Soulful Detroit
    Detroit's Soul Music online community A tour of the remains of the famous recording studios of Detroit's Motown Era and related venues. 
  • The Lost Synagogues of Detroit
    An audience authored virtual tour and oral history of the synagogues, now churches, that once served Detroit's Jewish community and now serve Detroit's Afro American community.